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Real Estate Company

We specialise in sales and rentals of affordable luxury and mid-income homes in Accra. As an industry expert, Arbla Properties Agency and Brokerage Services will seamlessly see your sales process through, so you have a smooth and prosperous real estate journey.

Arbla Properties is registered with the Ghana registry general and is a member of the Ghana association of real estate brokers. As such, our clients can rest assured they receive exceptional real estate consulting services built on discreet, honourable, trustworthy, and professional practices.

Property Management Services

We understand that building your investment portfolio can be challenging, time-consuming, and stressful, so we have designed our Property Management Services to lighten your load so you can get the most from your investments with minimal worry.

Our experienced team of professionals will take over every step from marketing to lease writing, and finally renting to the perfect tenant at the perfect price.

Renovation Management

Renovation stands between you and the home of your dreams, and at Arbla Properties as real estate consulting services we know that making your home picture perfect is one of the most stressful experiences in real estate .

Our Renovation Management Services ensure you get all the satisfaction of a home transformation with none of the sleepless nights. Work with our team of experienced professionals to oversee your renovations, while we take care of the materials sourcing, labour, legalities, and management. Enjoy watching your dream home unfold before you without lifting a finger.

Registration and Consultancy

As a real estate specialist company registered with the Ghana Registrar General’s Department, Arbla Properties is one of the best real estate consulting services which can securely, efficiently, and professionally register your land in Ghana from start to finish. Leave it in our hands and you can skip all the paperwork.

Our consultancy services have been specially crafted to guide property investors who want to invest in Ghana. Whether you are curious about property investment or simply looking for some additional guidance as you expand your portfolio, Arbla Properties will provide you with excellent, experienced, expertise to make your money work for you.

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